XR Stabilized Wrist Brace WThumb Spica


•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•De Quervain’s syndrome
•Colles’ fracture
•Early cast removal
•Post-traumatic use

The CURED XR Stabilized Wrist Brace W/Thumb Spica features removable stays to allow variable stabilization and immobilization of the wrist and thumb and hand. The adjustable strap provides additional compression around the wrist and/or hand if needed which can help encourage correct alignment of the carpal and Metacarpal bones and therefore help reduce inflammation in the wrist, which is useful in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome, Gamekeeper’s thumb, De Quervain’s syndrome and Scaphoid injuries. The Brace is also effective in the treatment of carpal and Metacarpal bones fracture and is suitable for early cast removal and Post cast healing. The durable, heat therapeutic neoprene helps with arthritic wrists, chronic aches and stiffness.

• Palmar, dorsal and thumb stays with cushion pad limit wrist, thumb and hand motion for partial immobilization while allowing maximum hand function and provide support weak or injured wrist and thumb.
• ِDorsal and thumb stays for additional support and immobilization.
• Contoured aluminium palmer and thumb stays are malleable and the dorsal stay can be positioned as desired.
• The aluminium stays can be removed as healing progresses.
• Stays can be relocated to fit either left or right hand.
• The adjustable strap provides additional compression around the wrist and/or hand and ensure proper fit.
• The heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints.
• The compact and effective design allows for easy use with ultimate support and protection.
• Soft and comfortable construction.

Please read this directory before use.
• The indications outlined may not be suitable for your condition, before use always seek medical advice from your physician.
• Only use on intact skin. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the specified materials. • The product should be applied as illustrated.
• Ensure product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted. Avoid wearing for prolonged periods (e.g.) whilst sleeping.
• If a rash develops, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Washing instruction:
•Remove stays before Washing.
•Washing in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap.
•Do not Dry Clean or tumble dry.
•Do not use bleach.
•Dry in an air current, and do
not expose this brace to any heat source.
•Store in a cool, dry place.

Table Of Size

Measure circumference of
your wrist.

Open hook and loop straps, position the contoured brace on the palm side of your hand and place hand through the inner layer of the brace, then slide your hand into the brace, gently guiding the thumb into the thumb support.

Secure each hook and loop straps on the brace to the desired compression level.

Warp the velcro strap around your wrist , securing to the desired comfort level . Make sure the brace fits snugly but not tightly . The splint should be centred on the palm.


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