Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

•Brachial nerve injury
•Dislocated shoulder
•Upper arm fracture
•Rotator cuff injuries

•Impingement pain
•Post-surgical protection

The CURED Universal Shoulder Immobilizer is a maximum support device that eliminates all unwanted shoulder, clavicle and arm movements by stabilizing the forearm against the torso. It can be used for right or left shoulder injury and works by immobilizing the shoulder and collar bone joints to allow joint and soft tissue recovery. The sling is suitable for rotator cuff injury, bursitis and abduction pain as it reduces excessive movement at the joint. Also useful in rehabilitation, it eliminates stress around the entire shoulder complex and encourages correct alignment of the joint for healing by stabilising the forearm against the body.

• Secures arm against the body and restricts the mobility of the shoulder and upper arm for separations, dislocations, strains and other injuries.
• Adjustable hook and loop closures allow swathe to be positioned in the desired location.
• May be used as an arm sling if swathe is not desired.
• Adjustable straps provide a customisable fit.
• Comfortable lightweight material.
• Universal design fits right or left arm.

Please read this directory before use.
• The indications outlined may not be suitable for your condition, before use always seek medical advice from your physician.
• Only use on intact skin. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the specified materials.
• The product should be applied as illustrated.
• Ensure product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted.
• If a rash develops, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Washing instruction:
• Washing in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap.
• Do not Dry Clean or tumble dry.
• Do not use bleach.
• Dry in an air current, and do not expose this immobilizer to any heat source.

Table Of Size

Measure around the chest.

A = Men: Circumference of chest measured above breast

B = Women: Circumference of chest measured below breast.

Separate sling from swathe and put swathe to one side. Grasp sling and place the arm in the sling so that it is centred between elbow and fingers. (Note: front slide buckle and the sew-in label should be facing outward). Then release hook closure on straps and place straps over each shoulder (Figure 1).

Grasp right strap and bring across the centre of the back and under the left side of the sling. Grasp left strap and bring across the centre of the back and under the right side of the sling (Figure 2).

Attach hook straps to the front of the sling in a criss-cross motion supporting the affected arm (Figure 3).

Adjust sling buckles on the sling to keep the elbow at 90 degrees. Grasp swathe, attach swathe to hook on the front of the sling, wrap-around the body over the affected arm and secure (Figure 4).

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