Finger Splint (Short)


•Mallet finger
•After treatment
•Postoperative fixation
•Distortion in finger joints

The advantage of CURED Finger Splint is its quick application, simple design and sufficient fixation with the mentioned indications.
This splint helps immobilize injured areas and prevent further injury of the 2nd to 4th finger, also is useful in distortion in the metacarpal phalangeal and interphalangeal joint of the 2nd to 4th finger.

• Contoured aluminium splints are malleable.
• The splint padded with soft material.
• The splint is easy to wear and remove.

Washing instruction:
Hand wash with soap and cold. water.

Table Of Size

Measure by laying your hand flat on the table and measuring the height of the finger, the length is from the first knuckle (closest to hand) to the fingertip.

Instructions for use:

1-Fasten 3 velcro straps loosely and put your finger inside the splint.
2-Adjust the position of the finger inside the splint.
3-Fasten 3 velcro straps, tight. Then cut off extra velcro straps with a scissor.

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