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Philadelphia - Cervical Collar

Whenever people have a traumatic head or neck injury, they may have a cervical fracture. This makes them at high risk for spinal cord injury, which could be exacerbated by movement of the person and could lead to paralysis or death. A hard cervical collar as an emergency stabilization of cervical vertebrae is vital.

Rigid Splint Cervical Collar

Whiplash injury is caused by hyperflexion, hyperextension, or rotation injury and resulting from car accidents and other types of traumatic forces which often cause strain to the soft tissue in the neck. This condition is associated with headaches and stiffness or painful neck muscle tension.

TennisGolf Elbow Strap

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition of the elbow caused by overuse and repetitive activities. playing tennis or other racquet sports can cause this condition.

Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Generally, upper extremity fractures such as forearm, elbow or arm need immobilization of the broken limb. In this situation, the use of arm slings with positioning elbow in the desired position can help improvement and speed of healing process.

XR Stabilized Wrist Brace WThumb Spica

Increased compression on the median nerve will cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). CTS is characterized by symptoms of numbness, tingling and pain in the thumb and fingers. Some situation such as excessive wrist flexion or extension can cause pain, especially when you are sleeping.

Finger Splint (Short)

After fracture or finger dislocation, stabilizing and positioning finger in proper alignment is required. Using the finger splint can prevent and correct finger deformity.

Abdominal Binder WCompression Strap

For several reasons, such as age, abdominal weakness, obesity, recurrent pregnancy and childbirth and surgeries in the abdomen, ability of muscles decreased and caused abdominal bulge. This condition can cause pain and discomfort.

Sacro Lumbar Belt WPower Straps

Lumbar pain is prevalent between elderly subjects due to lumbar structural changes, disc and vertebrae damage. Regarding to general muscle weakness in older people, using lumbar support can provide lumbar pain relief especially during walking.

Knee Immobilizer With Patella

Severe knee injuries or knee surgery are factors which specialists emphasizing to knee immobilization for prevention of more knee damage. Indeed, knee immobilization for period of time can decreases knee pain and discomfort.

Knee Stabilizer

After manipulation or surgery on the knee joint, knee stability is necessary especially in Meniscus or ligaments surgeries. A knee brace is useful to maintain correction and help healing process.

Ankle Support WStrap

Recurrent ankle sprain sometimes caused because of flat foot or ankle injuries and ankle ligaments laxity. In this circumstance, the pain, discomfort and swelling occur.

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