Sepid Tan Parniyan Pouyesh Company founded in 2013 and launched its productive activity by designing and manufacturing different types of orthosis for physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the beautiful province of Golestan in north of Iran. Our Company have two registered CURED and XCare Brands as its product’s trademark. From the beginning this company was committed to offering high-quality products, so we worked closely with a team of orthosis and prosthesis expert in our R & D department to reach this goal till now. In 2020, after the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide, with an approach to help prevent the pandemic of this disease worldwide, we saw our duty to produce a variety of specialized medical masks such as three-layer surgical, N95, N99 and Electric Fan masks. Therefore, we have developed our R&D team and added three new production line for producing various types of specialized medical masks and machines and Nano-filters to our production lines. On the other hand, with our self-sufficiency approach in the development of the production of specialized medical masks, we also added the production line for the production of specialized mask production machines to our production lines. In addition to all these production lines, we started a new production line of Nano-filtration fabrics by Electrospinning method with the aim of self-sufficiency in the production of specialized filtration fabrics with nanotechnology for use in medical masks, HEPA and other specialized medical filters. Today, we are self-sufficient in the manufacture of machines for the production of masks, filtration fabrics and different types of medical mask, and we can have a share in the fight against epidemic diseases such as Covid-19. Our company has a manufacturing license in three specialized groups of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and general medical devices and supplies and general medical consumption (including N95, N99, 3 Layers Surgical Mask) from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Food and Drug Administration of Iran (IFDA) with license numbers 71802310, 33936202, 42392009 and 39684409. Also, our company has an exploitation license from the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Iran No. 25534/2/1212 and is one of the knowledge-based companies located in Golestan Science and Technology Park. It is worth to mention that, Sepid Tan Parniyan Pouyesh Co. has been implemented the necessary international standards in its production line with gaining the international quality management certificates ISO13485, ISO9001 and GMP. In 2014, this company became a member of the Iranian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment. In order to provide services to meet the needs of customers, the investigation and feasibility of providing up to date products, under the supervision of the experienced experts, with the aim of high-quality manufacturing have been done. Our R & D department, after research & reviewing the performance of different devices and equipment, has been succeeded in manufacturing in different types of medical equipment and their production line machines. Today, combining cutting-edge technology and highly professional staff also innovative ideas along with competitive prices, highly focused R&D and efficient communication, have enabled the company to maintain its top position in the Middle East.

Board of Directors:

1- Seyedhamed Nabavi – Chairman and Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder
2- Maryam Torbati – Chairman of the Board
3- Shahla Aslanbeigi – Vice Chairman of the Board
4- Seyedmehrdad Nabavi – Alternate Chairman of the Board


1- Developing win-win joint cooperation with international partners.
2- Continuous improvement in the quality of products and related processes in accordance with international standards.
3- Increasing the variety of technological products based on artificial intelligence.
4- Increasing the satisfaction of the company’s customers.
5- Increasing the awareness and knowledge of the company’s personnel.
6- Developing the market share of orthopedic and rehabilitation and medical consumption products of the company in the market of Middle Eastern countries.
7- Creating a production line in other parts of the world with the aim of having a strong presence in global markets.

Health Is What We Represent

Founder and CEO

Hamed Nabavi

Head Office Address: No. 2, 5th Floor, Kourosh Passage, Gorgan City, Golestan State, Iran. Postal Code: 4917749493
Hours: Saturday thru Thursday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (GMT) +3:30 hours.
Tel: (+98) 017 32336036-7, +989117939713, +989102710310 Fax: (+98) 017 32336038
WhatsApp No. +989120255191
Manufacture Address: Golestan Science & Technology Park Bldg, Aq Qala Industrial Park, Golestan State, Iran. Postal Code: 4931169715 Tel: (+98) 017 32226490, +989120255191, +989113755191 Fax: (+98) 017 32226489


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